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He is making fun of her by acting as if he was chasing a butterfly. The beginning of the next scenes of them walking through the river is missing, too. The unrated version features a two-minute scene. Willard shouts at them, telling them to stand still immediately and not move. He slowly moves towards them. Gwen and Beth do not move. Willard takes his machete and bows down, he demands the water bottle. He then shoves a stone away with the machete and a plant is revealed.

He pours water on it and explains that the "Sapricus Orantis" could live for thirty years with only three drops of water. You see the plant grow, Gwen is getting angry. Willard says that they will go home when the two bottles of water were empty and they hadn't found the butterfly by then. Gwen continues to rant and says they had a contract and that Willard should first carry sexy and then her. Willard shouts and Gwendoline and wants to get out.

Beth is standing between the two as they fight and tries to persuade Willard to stay. Then, Gwen suggests Willard should count his money. As he gets out the bag, he notices there are only scraps of paper inside. Willard runs towards Gwen who then tells him that he would get his money when they have returned. Then, Gwen and Beth move on and let Willard stand there. At the beginning of the next scene, the two versions run in sync again. She follows him and asks if he was ever in love.

He answers yes, in every woman in the world but her. He then lifts her up and tells her of a female panther he once owned and liked a lot, but which was killed by a hunter. He then laughs and moves on.

Willard grins at the two teen models on car. A view of the Kiops is shown, then again Gwendoline, Gwen and Willard. He says that if Gwen managed to run faster then the Kiops' dogs, then she could perils something out of the money due to him. Then she should kiss the money on behalf of Willard. He on the other hand answers she could ask him for anything but that, and he at least wants to sleep well in his last night.

He continues that he will curse her butterfly when the dogs tear them apart.

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Beth tells him to be quiet. Sure it has lots of beautiful women almost all of the naked or semi-naked variety and some decent action, but the over all direction a bit sexy slack and perils too whimsical script under cuts its ability to send up films of the Indiana Jones variety.

Yes its amusing for 20 minutes or so but then you scenes that there are 80 more to go and you end up groaning loudly. The selling point of the film is the look. Its very much a fetishists dream with the lost city's Amazons all dressed in revealing leather, while the city itself contains some very nasty torture devices. I'm still pondering how the heck I ended up with a copy of the film on DVD since even though I've read some recent vintage articles on the film which argued its better than its reputation, I never really liked the film much when I saw it all those years ago when I managed a the store.

Still the extras are informative, and there always is the resale market. I'd take a pass on this one. Not John Willie, not Indiana Jones, and not very interesting. Gwendoline, or the Perils of Gwendoline, is loosely and I mean loosely based on gwendoline bondage-themed comics of John Willie.

Willie's stories were basic melodrama with a lot more kink. They are pretty tame compared what passes for erotica today no sex, just fetishbut this movie was pretty tame for Really ugly women fucked really hard. This film tries to blend the Willie kink with some Indiana Jones adventure; but, there isn't much adventure or kink. The film is never particularly erotic. The only really interesting scene is the gladiator battle. The costumes and the absurd nature of the combat add a Barbarella flair to the scene.

The budget is too small for any major stunts and doesn't have the creativity to make better use of the Terry and the Pirates meets Indiana Jones flavor at the beginning.


Gwendoline hidden city is never shown well to add any exotic flavor The sexy is atrocious, barely above real porn-level. Tawnny Kitaen is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen. The rest of the cast is completely forgettable. Unless you can't find any porn, forget this film. Watch Raiders of the Lost Ark or Bound, instead. Or Barbarella; at least it was somewhat comical.

What great fun it was to see this one. A woman and her friend are looking for the girls father who has gone missing looking for a rare butterfly. They team up with a tough guy and go on a dangerous adventure involving natives, pirates and a deadly poisoned storm. But the real perils starts when Gwendoline finds the butterfly she is looking for.

The movie becomes kind of a "barbarella", which happens to be one of my all time favorite's! An almost naked woman is being sucked op and down a big tube, another naked woman is spinning around on a scenes wheel and more great viewing pleasure's. But the biggest fun is yet to start, when Gwendoline and Beth are trying to escape on some kind of chariot, pulled not by horses but by Yes, you've guessed it more almost naked women! Go see it, it really is fun, fun, fun! Yes, it's dumb, and teen daughter sex hot, but if you're in the mood for brainless entertainment, this might fit the bill.

It's an example of scenes schlock-action-boobs niche that actresses like Sybil Danning and Shannon Tweed were well known for in the 80's. The basic perils is gwendoline adventure that riffs heavily on the Indiana Jones motif, but it serves mainly to get the women to take their clothes off. Considering that the director was previously involved in "mainstream" porn like "Emmanuelle""The Story of O"and "Lady Chatterley's Lover"this really shouldn't come as a surprise.

This also helps explain amelie belain casting choices, as the female roles are filled with actresses who are lovely to see, but otherwise awful at acting. The single best part of this film is a the young Tawny Kitaen, prior to her days as the resident "babe" in Whitesnake music videos. Kitaen plays the titular role of Gwendoline who, with some help, is trying to find her father sexy a rare butterfly. While the first half of this film the so bad, it's good in a campy culty way, humorously enough the second half, when they actually find the girl tribe of the Yik Yak is when it takes a nosedive and becomes tedious.

You'd think it would only get better by injecting a truckload of topless women, but you'd be wrong. As it's definitely not. But as I said up to around that point the movie is pretty damn enjoyable. And as bad as the second part of this film got and trust me it gets pretty awful.

An error has occured. Please try again. Severin films. Seen in the month mood list. Share this page:. So he asks her to close her eyes as he describes their imaginary lovemaking to her. As he makes with the flowery sexual prose — helped by his husky, breathy voice — she moans and writhes with pleasure.

Many viewers will find this scene laughable, with good reason, but the creators are actually attempting some genuine eroticism here. The easy way out would be to have the two break free of their bonds, peel off all their clothes, and roll around on the floor doing the sinful grunting yum-yum dance, but no.

Instead, the creators attempt to take the high road. Now, does all this make the scene work? Not really. Of course, it only takes one or two minutes to get Gwendoline and Beth into these outfits — and Willard wears one too!

6. Gwendoline (1984)

As Gwendoline explores the city, she walks through a series of torture brandi belle blowjob sex, featuring nude and semi-nude women chained to walls, hanging upside down, and attached to all sorts of devious-looking devices.

Most of these women wear black metal helmets that obscure their faces. Plus, a surprising amount of them are bald. The obvious argument is that women are being depicted merely as sexual objects, and not as well-rounded human beings.

Who would create such a society, where women are treated in such a way? Why, an evil queen, of course. Ah, the queen Bernadette Lafont, Waiting for the Moon. No, I don't want to leave Yes, please let me leave. View Profile. Sorry, your transaction could not go through, you did not tip. Try Again. Tips for brittforeman. Secure and Discreet. First Name.

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It turns out that the area harbors an all-female society, whose desperate members are starving for any male flesh that comes along.


big native girls pussy Except for two minutes of plot missing in the beginning of the film, the VHS is identical to the "Unrated Director's Cut". There are no ending credits in the German VHS. This version misses even 16 minutes, most of the missing scenes are plot. There are little violence scenes during a fighting sequence missing in the R-rated version, but because the entire scene is missing, it cannot really be called a violence cut. Shortly before the end of the movie, the death of the scientist is missing, probably removed for continuity purposes. More about that in the report.
sexy lady spread legs nude Sign In. Gwendoline Hide Spoilers. This film has grown into a real cult classic and one of the reasons is the difficulty finding a copy to view. Story is about a young and beautiful damsel in distress named Gwendoline Tawny Kitaen who along with her maid Beth Zabou ships herself in a crate to China in search of her Professor father who has disappeared. The three of them travel by boat and after encountering pirates they head down river and end up hacking their way through a jungle on foot and finally they are forced to trek through the desert.
nude beautiful girl camel toe I too used to walk past that old VHS rental tape back in the day. The video promised Indiana Jones-style adventure combined with sexy girls, but I never did get around to renting it, opting instead for, you know, good movies. Well, my day has come. The packaging now promises a lot more sex and debauchery than it ever did, replacing the old Drew Struzan-inspired cover art with a stark shot of star Tawny Kitaen WitchboardHercules: The Legendary Journeys wearing nothing but a pair of handcuffs and some tiny underpants. But the time for looking at the cover art and wondering is over.
vanessa y nude The insults to women are so boneheaded that even the most ardent chauvinist might think about doing volunteer work for the National Organization for Women. It takes itself too seriously to be good satire or camp. And because of that all-important ''R''. There are even times, amid all the brainless comedy and suspense, that one almost wishes the characters would just rip off their adolescent-tease costumes and start doing what one prominent advice columnist says nobody wants to do anymore. At least then there would be something on screen interesting to look at.