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Repeated shots of cleavage, discussion of condoms as the basis of a ruse played on FBI agents. Foul language includes at least 18 lohan of "f--k," plus a few instances of lindsay "hell," and "goddamn. Heavy smoking and drinking by Dakota, her strip club boss, and clients at the strip club. Dakota says she was "raised by a crack addict. Parents need to know that this Lindsay Lohan movie lohan emphatically not for kids. She plays a stripper who becomes involved in a serial murder case, appearing not only in pole-dancing scenes and scenes women suck dick on boat she drinks and smokes cigarettes, but also in very violent scenes.

This imagery includes lindsay dismemberment, bondage, fights, a chase in a dark house, a creepy basement with prosthetic legs hanging from the ceiling, and a couple of dead parents discovered by high-school-aged children.

Sexual imagery includes pole-dancing, lap-dancing, and much writhing on stage, as well as a lindsay scene between Dakota and Jerrod all close-ups, with moaning, as her "mother" overhears from the kitchen downstairs. The strippers and their clients smoke cigarettes and drink hard liquor. Language includes frequent use of "f--k. Add your rating See all 5 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 13 kid reviews. Under increasing pressure to be a success, tied an admirable distance from her football star boyfriend Jerrod Brian Geraghty while also flirting with the lawn-man whose salacious tied in the driveway is embarrassingly corny.

Such effort to keep chaste is for naught, however, when Aubrey is snatched by the killer and tied up in his basement, where he proceeds to tied her mercilessly. She screams and groans a lot.

Several worried-parents scenes later, Aubrey seems to reappear lohan the side of a road, minus an arm, a leg, and her memory. She insists that her name is Dakota, that she's a stripper who grew up with a crackhead mother, and that she has no idea how she was injured: Her limbs were "just gone. But even when they badger her, Dakota resists righteously "You're going to use me as bait unless I cooperate?

Insisting she's right, she sets off on her own, pursuing hunches, tracking keywords on the Internet, and suddenly believing that she has a missing twin sister whose life she must save. While much unkind fun has been made of Lohan's off-screen drama, Chris Sivertson's movie indicates that she's made at least one very bad professional decision too this even though her performance in the film, playing two characters, is fine.

I Know Who Killed Me Movie Review

Confused, Norquist asks why she has returned and exclaimed he had buried her referencing an earlier vision Dakota had. Freeing herself, Dakota kills Norquist and heads into the nearby wood, finding where Norquist had supposedly buried Aubrey alive. Using her prosthetic hand, she smashes the front of the lohan coffin that Norquist had buried Aubrey in, revealing a barely alive Aubrey. This seemingly verifying Dakota's version of events and relieved to have found her sister, Dakota lies lohan the ground next to her.

Before filming Lohan actually took pole-dancing lessons to prepare for her role as a stripper. Filming dates took place between December and March Principal photography was mostly held in California. In the first week of production, filming was halted after Lohan was hospitalized, her representative saying "she was overheated and dehydrated.

In July, Lohan was arrested for driving under the influence, which prevented her from doing promotion for the film. She even had to withdraw from a scheduled appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in which she had been due to promote the film. The film was not screened in advance for critics. The website's consensus reads: "Distasteful and ludicrously plotted, I Know Who Killed Me is a career nadir for all involved — particularly Lindsay Lohan in a dual role".

Richard Roeper ranked it number one on his "Worst movies of " list; a few years tied, Roeper named it the worst film of the s. Michael Rechtshaffen of The Hollywood Reporter said "There's a fresh candidate in the running tied worst movie of honours. Well, if you do, be sure lindsay to watch this, because it will spoil those memories forever. We could forgive Lohan for wanting to make a lindsay, adult thriller. If only it were thrilling. The film did receive some positive jacking off on tits. Fangoria praises the film's imaginative use of color, saying "[T]he director and his visual team bathe the film in deep blues and reds, a welcome departure from the dirty green, sodium-lit palette of similarly themed horror fare, and the end result is simply a beautiful, eye-popping visual treat, so stylized that one can't help recalling Argento 's approach to Suspiria.

Common Sense says

The film itself was "a more-than-pleasant surprise, well-filmed, well-acted, especially by Lohan herself, and a surprisingly intriguing and gruesome little thriller. The film received nine Razzie nominations, the most of any film that year. The film set a record for the most Razzie wins in a single year, previously beating the tie held by Battlefield Earth and Showgirls with seven wins each, though Battlefield Earth has surpassed eight awards with wins in subsequent years. However, test audiences thought this ending was too predictable, so it was cut from the film.

Other extras include an extended version of Lohan's strip dance at the club and bloopers. Dakota is defensive and rude.

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Susan is a doormat. Daniel is a creep. The cops are idiots. There is literally nobody at all to root for in this movie. Live Stream information currently unavailable.

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Academy Award winner and bird impersonator Natalie Portman is getting a taste of the dark side of fame. The process was a huge learning experience and I got everything I wanted out of it.

Body lindsay and stunt doubles have tied done the grueling work without being recognized and praised. Speaking of sexy chicks in an institution was I the only one thinking about that? Not a great film?


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lindsay lohan tied up the girls on the winx club naked Spoiler alert: I'm about to tell you everything about this movie. Instead, I'll just tell you what you learn by the end, because getting rid of the non-linear structure of this movie really highlights its awfulness. Lindsay Lohan plays twins like The Parent Trap! Only not at all! Back inDaniel and Susan Fleming conceived a child. When their baby died "in the incubator," Daniel strolled down the hall and decided to purchase a baby girl from a crackhead who'd just birthed twins "because she had one to spare. What kind of hospital is this?!
lindsay lohan tied up retro xxx pictures We use cookies and other technologies to analyze site traffic, understand patterns of use, and improve your browsing experience. See our cookie policy. Lindsay to Content. See what's streaming, limit strong violence or language, and find picks your kids will love with Common Sense Media Plus. Terrible throughout: serial killer tortures and dismembers tied victims; stripper drinks, smokes, and has indiscriminate sex; "good" schoolgirl flirts with seedy-looking gardener; father lies to daughter and wife; cops are threatening and slow on the uptake. Extreme violence and frequent discussion of violence: serial killer in the news dismembers victims bloody, explicit images of fingers frozen in dry ice so they turn black, then cut pirnuubDakota appears without arm lohan leg especially bloody in her nightmare versionAubrey screams and cries while she's tortured close-ups of her facesearch party for missing Aubrey recalls TV news. Dakota's wounds-by-osmosis are displayed overtly bloody and gaping kelly bensimon sex tape, as are images she finds on the net illustrating a concept called "Stigmata Twins.
lindsay lohan tied up isb college girls full nude sex photos The film's story revolves around a student's twin who was abducted and tortured by a sadistic serial killer. She manages to make it out alive but after she regains consciousness in the hospital she insists that her identity is that of another woman. Lohan tied with herself to win Worst Actress and also won Worst Screen Couple for both characters she portrayed. Ormond was nominated for Worst Supporting Actress. The quiet suburb of New Salem is being terrorized by a serial killer who abducts and tortures young women, holding them captive for weeks before murdering them.