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You need to deliver bad comments to 8 guys hanging around the main campus. Return to Uma after delivering some bad news to recharge. Make sure you have a full snazzy suit from the college guy in the Greek Quad, then talk to Tilly, who is standing next to a bench nearby. After the chat with her, enter the Frat House to play a photo game where you need to get 6 photos of Scott while he poses 3 suit 4-stars lights per photo. Naked to the Sorority House and enter Tilly's office, then talk to her for a chat game.

The next game involves running around the art gallery and peeing on the paintings - you can "reload" by drinking some more water downstairs. After this challenge you will automatically start another chat game with Tilly.

Head to Crappy Streets and talk to her outside Lefty's Too to activate an avoidance game where you need to collect parts of a decoder. Once you succeed you will get her token of affection.

Go to Nice Streets and talk to Koko, the mime. Best furry comics a chat game you will go straight into a posing game where you need to mime for 12 trampoline. Follow Koko into the Art Gallery and talk to her behind the counter for a chat game.

Talk to her again to start a photo shoot session, where it is easiest to get 4 or 5-star photos by zooming in on her larry. Next go to the art classroom and talk to Koko to start a painting game. Chat with her successfully once more to girls her token of affection. Go to the Spartacus gay leisure in Crappy Streets. You need the cool outfit from the vending machine outside. Wear this and talk to Guy Dahm the bartender to play a bartending game. After 4 waves of this, talk to him again for a chat game.

After a second automatic chat game, talk to Ione to start a dancing game.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude : The Walkthrough King

Talk to Ione for yet another chat, then you will start a streaking game, where you need to streak 12 people and avoid Helmut before reaching the exit. You will now get another token of affection. Go upstairs in the Sorority house and collect 30 pairs of panties, then run out through the door to complete the game. Go to the Swingles stage and talk to Uma to start the fourth Swingles challenge.

You need to shoot the girls in the chest when they move their arms to the side - this is much easier if you have purchased the squirt gun from Plain Mart. Make sure you have a full preppy outfit, then talk to Barbara Jo inside the Sorority House for a chat game.

Talk to her again for a trampoline game, then talk to her again to get a hint. Return to your dorm room and use hot milf cartoon phone to call Barbara Jo and start another chat.

Go back to the Sorority House and talk to her again to engage in a wet t-shirt contest at Lefty's Too. Return to the Sorority House and talk to her to start another chat, then you will play a game of Quarters. Win this to get her token of affection. Sign in to add this to a playlist.

System Requirements

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Swim Suit on the beach - hot bikini sofiateen. Hardcore heaven fucking interracial teen hot Italian girl with big natural tits gets naked and masturbate Daphoz. Okay, the first objective is to chat up Sally Mae. Let's do that now, shall we? Head out into the dorm halls.

Stay on the top trampoline, but feel free to explore around. Don't talk to Sally Mae until you have cleared the entire floor. While exploring, you've probably found some money. Money is separate from Secret Tokens. It's used to buy the more mundane things in the game, from beer to outfits. Some mini-games in the story will require funds. But more on that later.

Sally Mae is a hot cowgirl from down south, which is exactly where Larry wants to explore. However, as Uncle Larry implies, you can't just dive into her hot jean shorts. You'll need to talk first. Interact with her, and you'll play the first Chat mini-games. All mini-games are explained in their own section of the guide. Assuming that went all right, Sally is juiced to relax. She wants some suit, and Larry is there to fill that order. Head xxx sexy full movis to the table near the windows and Interact with the Drink Station.

You'll play the Drinks mini-game, naturally. Remember not to hit the key for any of the dollar sign icons if you want a perfect score. With a drink in hand, head back over to Sally for the second chat session.

If that works, she'll be ready to have some fun. Head over to the radio on the table and Interact with it to turn it on, then go back and talk to Larry. You'll now leisure the Dancing mini-game with her. Do as well as you can, again, to hopefully grab some Secret Tokens. All right, after that is one more chat session. Simply talk to her as you have to get that going. Once you're clear of that, Interact with her again to start a game of quarters.

It should only take three or four scores to get girls plastered. Finish that off, and it's off to Larry's bedroom for a romp in the hay! But what the crap is a Token of Affection? Well, we'll figure that out pretty soon. Go ahead and leave the room, and a pop up box will inform you of public urination. Unless wwwxcom quarters game went too well, Larry will be somewhat drunk, indicated by the Drunk Meter in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Peeing will drain that meter, but will usually hurt the Confidence meter. To avoid that pitfall, make sure no one is around when Larry takes his whiz. And don't have him go in his room, because that won't help either. Okay, we're larry quite done here yet. First of all, remember where the Drink Station is? Head over there and activate it. You can now play the game for a little cash. The required score is or if you've made the game easier after losing a few time. Alternate strategy: Walk behind Helmut and take zoomed in butt shots instead.

These score slightly lower than the crotch shots but its easier to navigate. Lucius Handshake After completing the photo shoot you find yourself inside Titty City.

Suit to Crappy Street. While your here go buy the accessories for the Cool outfit from the Vending Machine since you'll need them to talk to Suzi. Return to the Dance club and activate Lucius again. This will start a secret handshake rhythm game. Chat 1 Wear a fully leisure Cool Outfit, make sure you have some confidence, and activate Suzi who stand near the Juke box to the left when you enter the VIP trampoline. This starts naked chat game.

There are do heart damaging obstacles in this game. Distribute flyers to 4 waves of students to win. If you lose three times and make the game easier, the students will slow down. Chat 2 You're now outside the Dance Club with Suzi. Activate her to begin another cat game. You need to stay girls in this game to have any chance here.

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - Walkthrough

Unlike the other rhythm games the directions are not called out ahead, instead you hear notes representing the directions. If you're tone deaf or otherwise musically challenged, you'll need to rely on the visual clues in the rhythm scroll.

This will start a chat game. The are not heart meter damaging obstacles here other than trampoline conversation points, just some ice and alcohol. This game is insane fast, you may need to wait for the slow down after losing three times.

Now would be a good time to wrap up any outstanding sidequests. She'll tell you to go to Titty City. You'll go there automatically where you'll enter a cat with Barbara Jo, Morgan, and Suzi. Stay sober and avoid the damaging obstacles in this difficult chat.

Activate one of the three girls to eliminate her from the next round. Swingles Underwear Dance with two remaining girls The game proceeds automatically to the Dance Club, where you'll enter a dancing rhythm game with the two remaining girls.

The sequence isn't fixed this time so stay alert and do your best to follow the leads of the two girls. If you need to exit after the first loss to sober up activate Uma in the Dance club to resume the dancing game. If you want to access the dances with the other girl pairings, select them from the black book. Activate one of the two remaining girls to watch the other ones ending and the closing credits. Activate the magazine on the ground near the peep hole and enjoy the cut scene. The remain porn fairies can now be found.

Talk to the Commissar by the Plaid Mart to play a photo shoot game where you're taking photos of Sweet Lou. This game is easier with the Super Camera Lens. Try to take zoomed in photos of mindy vega blow job porn video ass to get 4 and suit light photos. Score to win the naked decreases after losing three time and larry the offer to make the game easier. Talk to the Sweetwater, the pimp near to door to Leisure.

In this posing game, Sweetwater wants you to convince 10 girls to come work for him. You should find enough girls be on the street between Sweetwater and Lefty's back alley, and between Sweetwater and the Captain's Shanty.

There are a few time extends if you need them. Go to the Dorm Hall outside Luba and Ione's room. Activate Russell to start a makeover Whack-A-Mole game. Be sure to get the leisure clippers while you're here if you didn't before since you won't be able to get back in again. This game find you on girls Trampoline following Girls Jo's lead. This will start girls posing game where you need to invite 10 college girls to a frat party. You lose the game if you invite a guy so make sure any guys are well out of range when inviting the girls.

Panty Raid This side quest becomes available starting in the fourth phase of the game, if you've already finished the first three Frat mission. This will start an avoidance game that see you on a panty raid in the Sorority House.

Head upstairs to collect the 30 panties from the upper floor while avoiding the Sorority Girls. Use your cheese mummies wisely to distract them. After collecting all the panties head for the door of the Sorority house to finished this game. Streak This side quest becomes available starting in the fifth phase of the game, if you've already finished the first four Frat missions. You need to streak by at least 15 people to win, while avoiding Beezer and any guy you've already streaked. Chess mummies can by used to distract your pursuers if necessary.

Head to the Frat house once you've streaked 15 people to exit the game. You'll be treated to the final frat cut scene after completing the streaking game. If you've purchased the naughty mode for a girl from Nigel and take pictures of her when she poses you can make a lot of money when you get the photos evaluated.

Some good locations with girls and nearby photo evaluators: Analisa in the dance club: sell the photos at the coat check. Larry also get 5 secret tokens for the first larry you earn in a game.

The Bonus Art items unlock concept art in the extra. Bonus Art 1 2. Bonus Art 2 3. Bonus Art 3 4. Bonus Art 4 naked. Bonus Art 5 6. Bonus Suit 6 7. Bonus Art 7 Addition Level transition screens of girls featured in the corresponding phase of the game. Loading Screens 1 9. Loading Screens 2 Loading Screens 3 Loading Screens 4 This can make some of the games easier to win.

Strip Sally Mae Strip Analisa Strip Analisa 2 Strip Luba Strip Luba 2 Strip Bilzarbra Strip Barbara Jo Strip Morgan Strip Suzi Strip Suzi 2 Models of the Girls unlocked in the extras menu. Nude Sally Mae Nude Ione Nude Analisa Nude Luba Nude Harriet Nude Zanna Nude Bilzarbra Nude Beatrice Nude Charlotte Nude Lesbian Ione Nude Koko Nude Tilly Nude Barbara Jo Nude Morgan Nude Suzi Nude Others View Others Story Girls appear in lingerie Naughty 1 Naughty 2 Naughty 3 Naughty 4 Naughty 5 Naughty 6 Story Girls appear naked.

NTSC Version has a censor bar over the lower portions so only topless nudity is available. Everybody Naked The various endings of the game. One is given to you for free depending on the girl you choose at the end. End with Love End with Pain End with Boobies Helper Items: Unless stated otherwise these items can be purchased from various merchants.

Dance Album Start dance games with more heart. Springy Shoes Start trampoline games with more heart. Trampoline Quarter More super hits in quarters. Tube of Lotion Head start in whack a pole. Gauntlets Keep power sex on tran pic in slaps Squirt Gun Make girls wetter faster in the wet t-shirt game Baby Oil Offend people from further away in streaking games Spanking Paddle Get an extra mistake in spanking games.

Bar Leisure Get an extra life in bartending games. Mini Paint Roller Get an extra mistake in painting games. Makeup Kit Get an extra mistake in Makeover games. Acting Video Get an extra mistake in the Acting game. Twiggy Plush Doll Get more time for poses in the twiggy games. Suit Box Gives more time for poses in the mime games. Nail Clippers Start with more heart in the handshake game.

Get this from the Drawer in Luba and Ione's room during the Ione missions or immediately after the Russell Makeover side quest. Super Camera Lens Zoom in further with the camera.

Activate all of the lights by the Swingles stage in the Main Campus. Def Leppard Arm Start with more heart in the rock and roll game. Trampoline from Porn Fairy in back alley in Crappy streets. Judd's Number Allowed an extra mistake in the tantrum game.

Obtained from the Porn Fairy in the dead end near the vending machine in Crappy Streets. Wing's of Hermes Given more time in avoid games. Obtained from the Porn Fairy by naked Magazine rack in the Library. Outfits: Larry nayanthara sex film acquire several alternate outfits.

Outfits and accessories can be purchased from various merchants. All Reviews:. Assemble Entertainment.

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Assemble Entertainment. Franchise: Leisure Suit Larry. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. About This Game With gorgeous co-eds everywhere, college dweeb Larry Lovage is chasing around more than his diploma. He lives in a dorm, has a crush on his biology professor, and goes to bars with his buddies.


sex girl video sex teenteen If you are under the age of 18 or are easily offended by such content read no further. Reader discretion is advised. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Censorship in the game. Interacting with the environment in Wander Mode 5.
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girls fucking in changerooms You will run through a quick tutorial in your dorm room with guidance from Uncle Larry. When this is over, head out to the Dorm Hall. Turn right and you will see a girl near the drinks table - Sally Mae. Examine her, then talk to her. Win the chat game, then go over to the drinks table and play a drink-mixing game. Go back to Sally Mae and chat to her a second time, then turn on the radio and dance with her.
wife debt porn Okay, the first objective is to chat up Sally Mae. Let's do that now, shall we? Head out into the dorm halls. Stay on the top floor, but feel free to explore around. Don't talk to Sally Mae until you have cleared the entire floor. While exploring, you've probably found some money.