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Most of us that are a little, um, portly know better than to wear low-cut jeans. Originally Posted by Harmonix.

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Originally Posted by Purgatory Creek. I don't understand the problem.

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Why does it matter? Find all posts by elfkin Originally Posted by St. A couple weeks ago I went to Back To School night at my 2nd-grader's school. In my daughter's classroom, we had to sign in before going to sit at girls child's desk. The woman in front of me- who was not unattractive but certainly not there looking to "pick up"- bent over to there in and I was treated to a goodly amount of her ass.

While I like seeing a nice ass as much as the next guy, considering the environment it was rather uncomfortable. There she is, bent at the waist right in front of me while her jeans were about half way down her butt, no panties in sight.

And I had the same thought- how the hell do you not know what you're doing? Don't you feel the air on your crack? Originally Posted by crack. My husband has this problem. Originally, debi laszewski naked was because he'd gained weight and his butt crack had migrated northward because his pants showing too tight. But he lost the weight and now has the opposite problem unless he wears a belt - pants are too loose - but with the same result.

He usually wears a belt, so it's generally not an issue, but he hasn't gotten a new swimming suit in years.

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When we went to the beach this summer, I found myself occasionally walking up behind him to let him know that he might want to hike up his trunks. I guess he just doesn't feel a breeze.

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I'm a little paranoid about my butt crack showing. Of course, that's rarely an issue in maternity pants, particularly if you have a full panel that goes up under your boobs. They also condition you to feel a breeze on any body parts below the waist that suddenly become uncovered. Duct tape application Cat Whisperer. I'm old enough to remember when pants were cut to sit at your waist, and I don't honestly see what the problem with that is.

I can hear all the young girlies; "But pants that high look so groooooooosssss! Dung Beetle. They don't slide down like the other types I used to wear lol. I can usually tell. I mean, really, what is anyone seeing?

Xper 6. Do you not care when it shows? It seems some girls don't lol.

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That is what I saw too and that she looked great in that red dress. Pravda September 18,am Well I guess the men need to start showing bulges. Then everyone is equal. I saw it again today. I never used to see this except on fat slob men plumbers, handymen etc.

Is this intentional?

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Is there something Candice michele having sex am missing here? I am second to no one in my admiration for the female behind but gawd this looks awful. If I did that as a man, I might get arrested. I once saw a young adult woman, something, intentionally show half of her butt crack and then got up and danced.

To my shock, nobody said anything although a couple of people made faces. I am not advocating arresting the women that do this. I had planned it that way. I knew the evidence needed to be hid and out of sight. Unfortunately, that same thong would later betray in me in way I never thought possible. A few months later, I was in my middle school library for some sort of presentation.

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Yer'Mad de Maisonneuve E. Patrick's Day Crack by Coastal Elite. Cock'n Bull, Montreal, 18 March Butt crack by Franco. One Lazy Tree by Larry Krause. Pointing by Coastal Elite. Metropolis, Montreal, 21 oct.

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Tagensvej by Martin Kozak. It's true. Uh Oh Buttcrack by Connie Huang.


girls showing there crack best asian tube naked When I was in seventh grade, I got my first thong. I remember penties xxx adrenaline I felt when I walked towards the cashier with the bright blue butt-less apparatus in hand. I had planned it that way. I knew the evidence needed to be hid and out of sight. Unfortunately, that same thong would later betray in me in way I never thought possible. A few months later, I was in my middle school library for some sort of presentation.
girls showing there crack tiny blonde girls nude I never could stand low riders. I think its sick that girls wear pants that show their underwear and butt crack! What really ticks me off is that nobody says anything about it! I know I dont want to see that! I personally wear regular, baggy jeans that are comfortable. Low rise pants would show off thier butt crack Yes, I've seen those pants and they do wear them on purpose.
girls showing there crack lankan hard nude girls videos I love going to fleamarkets and rummaging through boxes of old records and books :- And I found a good one. A record of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Timeless This tree is so lazy it is sitting on a rock. You can see its buttocks and a big butt crack. This was shot earlier this fall in the Millstream feeder stream.